Are you ready to own your business? Palango! Fitness is now opening opportunities to own your own Palango! Fitness Studio, be your own boss and make money in the process. Palango! Fitness is a successful business/fitness program that is perfect for those that are ready to be your own boss. Palango! Fitness offer you all the benefits of owning a Franchise.  Do you want to know more about this amazing opportunity? Register in our next seminar start June 5, 2016 along with Business Minority Office in Colorado .

Presenter For the MBO we will have ROSY MCDONOUGH Director, Minority Business Office  and Felix Ojeda for Palango! Fitness.

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Seminar Schedule: 11am to 1pm Snacks and drinks avaiable

June 5 2019  Business Considerations presented by Minority Business Office

June 7 2019 Franchise Relationship presented by Palango! Fitness

June 12 Understanding your Numbers presented by Minority Business Office

June 14 Pitch Preparations presented by Minority Business Office

June 19, 2019 Lending Options presented by Minority Business Office

June 21, 2019 Graduation presented by Minority Business Office

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