Palango! Fitness Franchising Opportunities

Palango! Fitness Affiliates Online Certification

Our online course has been developed through our Face to Face training and contains over 280 original videos from our routines, music, lives face to face meeting and practical demonstratios.

Cost is $669.00 plus $19.00 monthly fee.

How we do it?  After register online you would need to download our Palango! Fitness App.

Videos are optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile devices, so you can view lectures on the go. You don’t always have to be at your desk now to study or learn,you can see your videos anytime and anywhere in any devices.

Music: Music for every routines is provided using Dropbox. you will need to download the music and save in your device.

Palango! Fitness manual; This manual will be provide as a PDF. Participant can print or keep it as a file on your device

Live meeting: Meeting can schedule with 48 hours anticipation. meeting last 30 minutes each and can be done in different systems such as hang out/ whatsapp or other.

Duration: Training must be completed in 4 weeks. (no exception). then participant must submitted a total of 5  audition videos before the end of the week 4

As a Affiliate Instructors you must follows are rules and policies of Trademark and copyright so you would have to sign a trademark copyright agrement between you and the Palango! Fitness LLC. No refund at any moments.

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