Palango! Fitness Programs

Palango! Fitness

Palango! Fitness is a cardio toning endurance class that fusion the best of MMA, Capoeira, and Powerful fitness move during 60 minutes. It is  a full overall workout. its Simple Fun Intense.

Palango! Fuerza

Palango! Fuerza is strength power toning class that combine weight, mobility and power exercises with Cardio. You will use your own body as well as weight with many repetition. Core, legs and upper body workout that allow your body to lean and create muscles.

Palango! Barre

Palango! Barre is a super fun toning class that susion latin music with strong core, legs, butt workout. Palango! Barre is slow but intense. This class is low impact and easy to follow. 

Palango! Bootcamp

Palango! Boot camp includes all the traditional boot camp workout with variation in weight repetition and speed. Bigger  stronger and powerful moves are part of the challenge. Super fun and intense. 

Palango! High Intense Training

Palango! High Intense Circuit Training has been design to build your endurance and stamina. 2 minutes repetition with 15 second recovery during 45 minutes class.  Cardio, Upper body, Core, Legs workout will improve your fitness condition on general.

Palango! Personal training

Do you prefer the personal training?  Palango! Fitness offer Personal training for those that want faster results or have a dateline such as wedding, celebration, competitions, etc. You can have 10 personal sessions for only $325.00.