What is Palango! Fitness?

Maggie Boillot is here to explain

Check Palango! Fitness Videos

Palango! Fitness videos can give you an idea of our workout and what is al about. Kicks, punches, elbows, fitness moves and more

Palango! Fitness Routines

Palango! Fintess Routines are simple Fun and Intense. Check this routines elements: Jumping Jack, Jump Power and Diagonal punches to work obliques and arms. 3 different fitness moves in one routines. fun music and great workout

Palango! Fuerza

Palango! Fuerza is combination of Cardio, weight, Calisthenics and othef fitness moves to help you to build strength and endurance. come try a a class anytime  


listen to Jill and Carin talk about their Palango! Fintess experiences


Sandra Rivas and Libby Hanna testimonials.