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Felix Ojeda is  the founder and creator of Palango! Fitness. Click here to listen to the Felix Ojeda podcast. Several different topics of his life and experiences . Click the link below to listen to it.

Palango! Fitness Inverness


We are so proud to announce our new Palango! Fitness Inverness location. This location is perfect for all our friends and fans from Castle Rock, Lone Tree, Aurora, South Denver, Parker, everyone around I-25, and Dry Creek. We are working on the schedule for now. We are  having the following classes starting November 17, 2019:

Sunday : 8;30am & 9:30am

Monday/ Wednesday  5:30am

Saturday: 10:30 am


  1. 82 Inverness East Drive Englewood 80112

Text me for more questions:

720 3454930


Englewood Fitness Fest 01/25/2020 8am



Englewood Fitness Fest is on!! This January 25 2020. Half day workout with 4 different workouts as follows:

Saturday January 25, 2020

Location: 3431 S Broadway

Class Schedule:

8 am: Strength  Toning Cardio Class ( Fuerza)

9 am : Palango! Fitness cardio endurance 

10 am : High Intense Circuit training

11 am: Yoga

Cost is $20.00

Palango! Fintess Inverness


We are excited to announce our partnership with A2 Sport in Inverness. we will be offering classes in this amazing venue.  We will be announcing the schedule very soon. 

Location: 82 Inverness East A-2 Englewood 80112

Personal Training and High Intense Classes


Check our  Personal Training special and Start your personal transformation today.  Get 10 sessions for only $450.00 with the best fitness program ever created . 

What is Palango! Fitness?

Palango! Fitness Programs

Felix Ojeda Creator & Founder

Created by Felix Ojeda over 10 years ago Palango! Fintess is a unique cardio toning endurance fitness program that fusion the best of MMA styles, fitness  moves and Capoeira with the most amazing music. Palango! Fitness is for everyone. Come check out our 4 other formats as well to provide the best fitness experience for you.

One Place 4 Formats with Over 60 classes a week


Palango! Fitness Studio in Englewood offers you over 60 classes a week with four different fitness formats all uniquely created in house.  Cardio, High Intensity Circuit Training, Strength/Weight and Bootcamp Classes run from 5 30am  Monday to Friday and at different times during the weekend. 

We also offer weight loss programs, workout challenges and one-on-one coaching.

Simple Fun Intense = Results


The Palango! Fitness philosophy is based on three elements: Making your workout Simple, keeping your workout always FUN and making your workout as intense as possible for each individual at your own level.  These three elements translate into results for you.  You will improve your general physical condition in areas such as weight, strength, endurance and stamina.


Palango! Fitness Promo

Palango! Fitness Promotional video

Palango! High Intensity Training

Palango! High Intensity Training is a trainer-led, small group conditioning and strength class that will help you to build power, endurance, and increase your stamina. Classes are small enough that it is like having your own Personal trainer.  Register now.

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This amazing routine combines side moves with rotation high knee and diagonal back leg moves.

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