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April 19, 2019 Salsa Dance Workshop Beginner 630 pm $15.00


Want to learn how to Saksa Dance? Join us for this 90 minutes Salsa  Dance workshop follow by 90 minutes Salsa Dance  Practice. This workshop is for beginners and Intermediate students. Open to all levels after 8 pm. Dress to impress. L

80's & 90's Super class with the best music done Palango! Fitness Style


May 18, 2019  6pm and this is happening only one time!! The best of Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Latin and more done Palango! Fitness Style

April 27, 8:30 am to 11:30 am Fitness and Beer> Celebrating Spring with Outdoor workout at The BOB.


Fitness and Beer!! Spring i shere and we are celebrating with Fitness and Beer. Saturday April 27, 2019 from 8;30am to 11;30am . We will be at the Alley in front of the Brew of Broadway ( THe BOB)

Cost is $15.00 3 different classes

8:30am Palango! Fuerza ( strenght class)

9:30am Palango! Fitness Cardio

10:30am Palango! Bootcamp HIIT


Come Try Our HICT Classes


Klettebell / boxing/ Mobility / Strength 

What is Palango! Fitness?

Palango! Fitness Programs

Felix Ojeda Creator & Founder

Created by Felix Ojeda over 10 years ago Palango! Fintess is a unique cardio toning endurance fitness program that fusion the best of MMA styles, fitness  moves and Capoeira with the most amazing music. Palango! Fitness is for everyone. Come check out our 4 other formats as well to provide the best fitness experience for you.

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One Place 5 Formats with Over 60 classes a week


Palango! Fitness Studio in Englewood offers you over 60 classes a week with five different fitness formats all uniquely created in house.  Cardio, High Intensity Circuit Training, Barre, Strength/Weight and Bootcamp Classes run from 5 30am  Monday to Friday and at different times during the weekend. 

We also offer weight loss programs, workout challenges and one-on-one coaching.

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Simple Fun Intense = Results


The Palango! Fitness philosophy is based on three elements: Making your workout Simple, keeping your workout always FUN and making your workout as intense as possible for each individual at your own level.  These three elements translate into results for you.  You will improve your general physical condition in areas such as weight, strength, endurance and stamina.



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Palango! Fitness Promo

Palango! Fitness Promotional video

Palango! High Intensity Training

Palango! High Intensity Training is a trainer-led, small group conditioning and strength class that will help you to build power, endurance, and increase your stamina. Classes are small enough that it is like having your own Personal trainer.  Register now.

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Listen to Sandra and Libby's Testimonials. They are active members of our fitness community.

Learn over 400 fitness routines

Palango! Fitness routines are fun and easy to follow and they have the intensity of MMA!! Check out our on demand classes as well.

Video Routines of the Month

This amazing routine combines side moves with rotation high knee and diagonal back leg moves.

Song : Monster Winer

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