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Palango! Fitness Best Fitness Program

More info: (720) 345-4930

Palango! Fitness Best Fitness Program

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new year new you 2019


New Year New You Challenge

 We are in the last week of 2018! The New year New YOU Transformation not Resolution challenge is almost here.
Make the step this 2019 to change your life for good. Make better choices, exercise more, drink more water and make a liftstyle change.
We will set goals together and crush the new year.
I have a few spots left who is going invest on YOU this coming year?? $99 

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DATE WORKOUT FOR SINGLE  Friday January 25, 2019

Would you like to meet someone that like to workout like you and explore potential relationship in the process!! Yeah why not? we are putting together an special day for working out and meeting interesting single people !!

Besides we will have drinks, foods and Salsa class so you can have time to meet , talk and even do some little dancing!! 

Are you in!! please register at  or by email at 

Cost is $20.00 per person


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Buy 20 classes and get 5 more

Buy 20 classes and get 5 more for only $275.00. Save money get more Palango! Fitness

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What is Palango! Fitness?

Palango! Fitness Programs


Created by Felix Ojeda over 10 years ago Palango! Fintess is a unique cardio toning endurance fitness program that fusion the best of MMA Styles , fitness  moves and Capoeira with the most amazing music. Palango! Fitness is for everyone and also offer 4 others formats to provide a complete fitness experience to all the participants.  

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One Place 4 Formats with Over 60 classes a week


Palango! Fitness Studio offers you over 60 classes a week with five 5 different fitness format all uniquely created in the house.  Cardio, High Intense circuit training, Barre, Strength /weight and bootcamp classes.  Starting at 5 30am from Monday to Friday and classes during the weekend as well. weight loss in Denver fitness gym in Englewood weight loss in Englewood

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Simple Fun Intense = Results


Palango! Fitness philosophy is base in three elements. Making your workout Simple, keeping your workout always FUN and make your workout as intense as possible for each individual at your own level.  These three elements traduce into results for you.  You will improve your general physical condition in areas such as weight, strength, endurance and stamina.



Palango! High Intense training

Palango! High Intense training is a small conditioning strength class that will help you to build power, endurance, and increase your stamina. It is a small group class where you always have a trainer with you.  It is like having your own Personal trainer.  Register now 

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Listen to Sandra and Libby Testimonials. They raer actives members of the our fitness community

6 week Challenge !! Let's do it now


Ready to transform your body, change your health and learn how to eat in a healthy way?

Start the process of losing weight, lean your body, burn fat and start a new lifestyle. Our program will provide you a mean plan, fitness training, coaching and accountability,  transform not only your body but your health and lifestyle.

Register for a consultation and find out more about it.

Space is limited so we can assure you great results. Remember fitness is a Journey not a Destination. Let us take you on that journey!

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Come try any of our formats and start transforming yourself! Learn about our 6 week program and lose 20lbs !! We offer nutrition, coaching and 5 different programs

Palango! Fitness

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Video Routines of the Month

This amazing routines combines side moves with rotation high knee and diagonal back leg moves.

Song : Monster Winer

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