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Created by Felix Ojeda over 10 years ago Palango! Fitness is a unique cardio toning endurance fitness conditioning program that fusion the best of MMA styles, powerful fitness moves and Capoeira with the most amazing music. Palango! Fitness is for all fitness levels. Palango! Fitness offer 4 different programs all design to ensure you get the results you want. Palango! Fitness is Simple Fun & Intense!

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Maggie Boillot
Maggie Boillot Co-Founder
Co-Founder of Palango! Fitness, She is the force behind Palango! Fuerza!! Maggie loves to help and train you like a champion. She will encourage to go that extra step
Emily Gardner
Emily GardnerInstructor
Over 6 years teaching Palango! Fitness, she loves music and movement. Originally from Littleton, her smile will keep you coming.
Sandy Martinez
Sandy MartinezInstructor
Over 7 years teaching Palango! Fitness, Sandy is the happiest person in the world, she is sweet but she will deliver a fun and intense class for you.
Shirlane Castellino
Shirlane CastellinoInstructor
She is the smaller fun instructors you will find!! You will see that that age is just a number!!
Maryam Afjisure
Maryam AfjisureInstructor
From Iran with love to the USA. She is always energetic and like a little Duracell Bunny.
Haydee Luna
Haydee LunaInstructor
Always precise and ready to deliver an amazing workout. She is just on top of every moves.
Viviana Madronero
Viviana MadroneroInstructor
Viviana Madronero is from Bogota Colombia!!! You know nothing has more spice that that!
Allie Chesnut
Allie ChesnutInstructor
Our new addition!! Come try and check how fun she is.
Courney Kamen
Courney KamenInstructor
From Chicago, Courney has that extra energy that keeps you wondering about how someone so small can do all that!!


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