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Monthly Memberships provide unlimited access to all classes throughout the month, making them ideal for those with a consistent workout schedule. On the other hand, Class Packs offer a set number of classes within a specified timeframe, providing flexibility and the opportunity to try out classes before committing to a membership.

Class packs remain valid for a duration of 12 months from the date of purchase, offering flexibility in how you choose to use them. Whether you prefer to attend classes regularly or space them out over time, the choice is entirely yours. Just keep in mind that the pass will expire 12 months after the initial purchase date.

Yes, indeed! Students can enjoy a fantastic 50% discount. Feel free to contact us for more details and to take advantage of this special offer.

First, make sure to wear comfortable workout clothing and the appropriate shoes for your session. Don’t forget to bring along a water bottle to stay hydrated, and consider having a towel on hand for added comfort during your workout. Come to class with energy and enthusiasm, as our sessions involve a lot of movement and are designed to be invigorating. If you have any physical limitations or concerns, please communicate them to the instructor before the class begins. They are here to assist you and can provide guidance and modifications to ensure your workout is both safe and effective. Expect a robust and tailored workout experience that aligns with your fitness level and goals.

At Palango! Fitness, we understand the importance of accommodating your family needs. We offer a separate room where children aged 5 and older can play on their devices unsupervised during your class. This way, you can enjoy your workout with peace of mind, knowing your child is nearby in a designated space.

Yes, we provide locker rooms at Palango! Fitness for your convenience. Our locker rooms are equipped with showers and bathrooms to ensure you have everything you need to freshen up and feel comfortable after your workout.


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